Hidden Treasure


Helping you find the hidden treasure within you and your business.


My name is Sarah, and I help business owners create unique selling points for their business that reflect their own specific life purpose and passions. I do this by helping them find their individual hidden gifts and strengths, and I show them how to develop their creativity, so they can bring these unique elements into their businesses. This makes for achievable unique selling points you can offer your customers you will love delivering, and your customers will greatly value you for.

I can help you identify and put into place USP’s within your business that authentically reflect who you are as a unique individual.

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I am also happy to help growing businesses who are putting into place organisational structures so the MD can step away whilst others run their business for them.

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All meetings are conducted in Bedford in my favourite coffee shop venue in south Bedford, with free parking onsite.

Please Note: Appointments are by invitation ONLY to those given in person one of Sarah's special 3D business cards. 


I offer a brilliant course which will help to set you free of creative blocks. Its suitable for all people who would like to be more creative which is why it's absolutely

brilliant for business owners of all sizes. I can teach you skills that will help you concentrate better during your working day, and come up with new ideas for you and

your business helping you stay ahead of your compettition.

Helping you create a vibrant internal dialogue which will overspill into your every day business life. This course will help give you a

creative edge to your business dealings.

Ever suffered from an artists / writers block? Don't know what to do? This could be the course for you. With just a few short adjustments to your week could make all the difference to you.

An ideal course for small business owners to help you flow in your business creativity more easily. Teaching you skills you can use for life, to help you have a creative compettitive edge in business.